Thursday, 2 April 2009

Finding Great Restaurants: London

The recession is well and truly here now and it looks as though it may be here to stay for a while. Unfortunately, that is causing problems for individuals that may have gone out for dinner once a week or once a fortnight in years gone by. Now I really do love my food so I think that is a crying shame... especially when you think about just how many great restaurants there are out there just waiting for you to try them. Many of them will have special deals on at the moment and in the coming months too to try and attract business but how could you possibly find out about them all if you are heading somewhere new or do not know the area in which the restaurant is located very well? Answer - a good restaurants guide will help you.

Believe it or not there are numerous such guides available to you today at the click of a mouse! Say you want to find "Indian restaurants London". All you have to do is search using Google or another search engine and you will get a list of results. However, there is a much better way to do it and that is to use Qype.

Qype is a new website that a friend recommended to me. I'm in London on business next week but have not got a clue where to eat because I live a couple of hours away and only head to the city when I absolutely have to. She told me that I'd find everything I needed on there, from hostels London has to offer to restaurants in the area in which I am staying right down to any shopping or arts activities I fancy to amuse myself. I now have a list of the best and most affordable offers on at restaurants in London as well as the addresses so I know where to find them. it took me a couple of minutes to get that information so for the sake of good food and the restaurant industry here at the moment please take a look. You could save money, try something new and help to save a business.