Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Benefits Of Coffee - Yay!

It's been a while so I apologise for not being here. I've had a few health issues of my own to deal with, so much so that I was not sure what to write. Now I'm back and have a wealth of research to share with you all, so we'll start with one of my favourite topics - coffee!

I love coffee and drink way too much of the stuff every single day. It was my guilty pleasure because I used to think that coffee, and more specifically caffeine, was bad for you. As it turns out, it probably is in the quantities I drink every day, but not if you control your intake. In fact, it is apparently very good for you if you limit your intake to a couple of cups a day.

Coffee actually works to improve your general health in a variety of ways. It can improve the health of your heart, help to prevent diabetes, relieve stress and stave off ailments like Parkinson's Disease. In fact, it can even reduce the instances of some forms of cancers. To get the full story on why it can do this, you would need to go through thousands fo scientific studies, but the basic reason is the chlorogenic acid that is to be found within the coffee. It is an antioxident, meaning that it actively works to break down free radicals that are created by and move through the body. Antioxidents prevent it from damaging cells and thus causing these illnesses.

So, in short, I can now enjoy a cup of coffee with peace of mind!