Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Look Good, Feel Great: The Benefits Of HGH

Did you know that there is one substance that is produced within the body that can help you to lose weight and prevent aging all at the same time? Well there is - HGH, otherwise known as Human Growth Hormone.

Now, before I go into what exactly hgh does, I would just like to point out that if you have heard of it then it probably has something to do with bodybuilders bulking up and packing on the muscle. This is NOT what HGH is designed for. In fact, it is not designed at all - it is a natural hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland of every single person in order to keep him or her healthy, vital and full of energy. It governs so many elements of the body and funcions it performs that you would hardly be able to move if your ability to produce HGH was taken away. In fact, it has been FDA approved for various treatments of illnesses like AIDS and MS that do prevent the body working properly.

A little HGH is of benefit to everyone but not everyone produces enough to enable the body to function correctly. This is why there are so many natural treatments, diets and supplements out there.

In terms of the benefits of HGH, it can do the following:

* Skin - It can promote the production of collagen, thus giving your skin an elasticity that defies age. As such, it can halt the aging process for you so you don't get as many wrinkles. In fact, it can reduce your wrinkles by up to 61% if various research studies are accurate.
* Energy - It promotes the body's ability to release energy so you feel full of beans every morning and all day long. No fatigue for you!
* Bones - Osteoperosis is less common in women that have good production levels of HGH because it can help to strengthen the bones and prevent weakness.
* Libido - Yes, it boosts your sexual libido - no more needs to be said about that!
* Muscle - HGH does help your body to boost it's muscle mass, so you become stronger and less prone to wastage as you get older. This is fantastic when yo remember that the heart is a muscle so HGH can keep it strong and vital as well.
* Fat - It can help you to lose weight because it helps to break down fats and convert them into energy. It can also speed up your ability to lose weight over a shorter period of time.
* Immune System - HGH boosts your immune system as well so you are less likely to pick up bugs and colds. When you do catch them then your body can expel them quicker so you're back to feeling good in no time!

Bet you didn't know that it did all of that! This is why you should make sure that you are doing all you can to produce it. Eat lean red meats, get exercise and even look into the possibility of hgh treatment or supplements if you have to. If you do want to a live a long life though, HGH can certainly help you.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Go Bananas For Headache Home Remedies

Today has been a non-entity from start to finish. I have had a major headache all day long thanks to being tired, this horribly humid heat we're having here at the moment and a little stress on my part. Working for myself is a nightmare when it's coming up to holiday time. We're off to Sorrento, Italy in a few weeks and I have to work overtime beforehand to take the time off because I work for myself. As such, I've just spent the last three hours trying headache home remedies.

Let me tell you that most of the headache home remedies out there do not work. All of those potions and teas only go so far. They took the edge off my headache but it soon returned with a vengence. One of the headache home remedies I do recommend staying away from is the one that requires you to place your hands in hot water for a few minutes. All it does is make you desperate to use the bathroom!

The most effective of the headache home remedies is one that I did not expect - eating a banana. Apparently, if you eat a banana then the potassium helps to relieve the pressure somehow and that will get rid of your headache within 30 minutes. I was very skeptical but it actually worked! Try it next time you have a headache because I guarantee that it will at least ease it if not take it away completely.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Look After Your Mental Health With A Well Deserved Holiday

It is a fact that we all need a break from time to time. We all need to get away from our daily lives to look after our mental health. After all, you can stay in bed for 24 hours and just watch TV, which will give you a complete physical rest. However, to look after your mental health you need to get away from everything that is damaging it at any given time. That means going away on vacation for a little me time, and what better place to enjoy a rest than a Paris bed and breakfast.

Paris is the city of romance and also a great place for a holiday because there is plenty to see and plenty to do. You can see the Louvre, the Bastille, the Sacre Cour, the Eiffel Tower and any other number of attractions. You can sit in a sidewalk café and watch the world go by, or your could lounge around in one of the many established bed and breakfast Paris has to offer. There are plenty around but before you book, be sure to check out exactly what kind of place an individual B&B is. To help heal your mental health, you must find a nice place, be it a small bed and breakfast or the Hotel Paris that you can relax in and have a good time in. Your mental health depends on it!

No matter where you end up staying, you should always make sure that it is a good place for you with all of the facilities you want and need. What good is a holiday if it heaps more stress onto your mental health after all? Take care of your mental health for a week and it will then take care of your for the rest of the year. It is most definitely a good excuse to take a trip to Paris though!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Substance Abuse: Breaking The Cycle And The Road To Recovery

Not a day goes by when you cannot find an article on news websites and in newspapers that reveals a celebrity has had to go into rehab. Whether it is heroin, crack, alcohol or some other form of substance abuse. It’s sad really because it’s a major reflection on society and not the entertainment that it is perceived to be. I thought I’d write a post on it as a result of the continuing coverage about Amy Winehouse. Comparing the mess she is today to the woman she was a couple of years ago highlights the threat any form of addiction poses to your life. The more people that realise it is a disease and threatens more and more individuals every year the better. Then we can start to do something about it.

Celebrity stories do serve to highlight drug abuse but tend to glamorise it. It is a serious issue and the many good rehab centres out there for substance abuse do a fantastic job in helping individuals to cope with their addictions so they are able to live their lives minus the demons in future years. Of course, no addiction is ever completely “cured”. There is no such thing. Instead, the metal, spiritual and physical healing that substance abuse centres promote will equip all addicts to cope with their own worlds much better than before.

This means that the substance abuse centres have to cater for the individual. No matter what you might read or see on the TV, there is no one size fits all treatment. Everyone is completely different. Just as one individual’s reason for turning to cocaine or alcohol will be different from the next individual, their treatment programs will be completely different as well. For example, some may prefer therapy whereas others may respond better to holistic treatments. Either way, the recovery process is extremely difficult and that is why the best centres operate around the clock. An addiction exists 24 hours a day and therefore so should the drug rehab centre as well.

Believe it or not, drug rehab should not be a one time process either. To fully help an addict with his or her problems, it should come up with a program that lasts beyond the discharge of a healthier person. It should offer an after care program as well because it is an ongoing process. This is one thing many people do not understand. When someone has been to rehab they have to want to be there and then have to show an ongoing commitment to getting clean ad staying that way. This is why family counselling is a must to help the support network and also why it is important to equip the addict to cope in the modern world without the drug support system that is so easy to slip back into.

If you know an addict or are an addict then it is important to ask for help. After all, we only get one shot at life so it is important to make the most of. Drugs and substance abuse breaks too many lives so it’s time that we said no and offered the right support and recovery program to anyone that needs it.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Cellulite Problem: The Bane Of Every Woman's Life!

The dreaded orange peel cellulite problem is, to repeat, the bane of every woman's life. Although almost 90% of us have it (so if you do then you are definitely not on your own), having just one tiny little bit on a thigh or a buttock has the ability to freak us out big time. Never has there been such a confidence sapping ailment out there that is not even classified as an illness!

I have to admit that, althogh I am not one of those women that goes out and tries every single cellulite "cure" and cellulite cream out there, I have tried a few creams over the years and none of them have worked... AT ALL! They have hardly even touched it. However, I have noticed a difference since I started drinking green tea a few weeks ago. I don't usually drink anything like that but my doctor thinks I have PCOS and advised that I lose weight. I tried to cut down on the coffee (sniff sniff) and replaced it with green tea... some of the time anyway! I've noticed that I feel better and have less orange peel on my thighs than I used to in just four weeks.

I knew green tea was rich in antioxidants but didn't think of it as a cellulite cure at all. Instead, it was just a hot drink that I didn't mind to replace coffee. Well, when it worked, it got me thinking about cellulite cures and other natural remedies that could be found out there. Anyone that has read my finance blog, Finance Central, in the last few months will know that I'm on a major budget drive and can't afford much at the minute, but all of those supplements that you read about are really expensive. So I did a little research and found some awesome natural cellulite cures that really work... apparently. I've read such good things about some of them that I wrote an article on them , which can be found here: Natural Cellulite Remedies.

If you try some of them out or have used them then let me know what you think. I'm on a mission to find which ones are the best now!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Eggs Is Eggs, But Is It Fresh?

Here's a little tip for you for today...

At the moment, I'm boiling a couple of eggs for lunch and a welcome break from my writing projects of the day (I have so much to do it's unreal!). I took two out of a new packet and put them into water. One floated and one did not. Many people would have not know which one to throw out, so I thought I'd write a post about it!

If an egg FLOATS then you should throw it out immediately because it is off and will likely give you food poisoning if you eat it. This is becuse the egg has began to produce gases that enable it to float. The gases are produced by bacteria within the egg itself and it is this bacteria that contaminates it and makes it unsafe to eat.

If an egg SINKS then it is completely fresh and wholly safe to eat.

However, some eggs do tend to sink for the most part but point upwards, meaning that the majority of the egg is submerged but a little of the top of the egg is visible above the water. These eggs are also safe to eat because it just means that a little air is within the shell. That is normal and is common of eggs that ar not produced organically or by free range methods. As long as the whole eggs does not float, it is safe.

The best way to check is by placing the egg in cool water because that will not counteract the effect of the gases. However, before you do so, you may check the bst before date on the packaging of the egg. I don't do that. I believe that a best before date for eggs is there to cover the manufacturer and is not really applicable to me purely and simply because it does not guarantee that the egg is off afterwards. As long as the eggs have been refrigerated and do not float then I will eat them. I think it's a waste to throw them out if they are still good.

Of course, that's personal choice. My husband won't touch them if they're out of date, but I will as long as it is within a reasonable timeframe. I wouldn't eat them after a year obviously, but I do believe that this is one of the areas to which common sense can be applied. You can save money and prevent food wastage at the same time.