Sunday, 18 January 2009

Take Care Of Your Skin With Natural Makeup

The skin is often one of the most neglected organs of the body. We use it and abuse it in many circumstances by exposing it to the sun without protection. We also use harsh chemicals on it every day when we wash because some of the cheaper shower gels, face creams and other similar products have added extras that are hardly soft and gentle! As such, you need to take care of your skin. You need to protect it and if you can do so then you will slow down the aging process by maintaining its hydration and offering a little respite to the cells.

I actually wrote this post because I read an article about some of the new natural skin care products available today. I had no idea that some companies were developing natural products with organc ingredients to work in harmony with the skin. Of course, I've heard about stores that offer natural remedies but most of those sell raw ingredients rather than the complete product. Even high profile stores that do not test on animals do not offer completely natural products.

There were several companies featured but one stood out in the article. This was largely because they offered so much more information about the products they offer in terms of how they work and what is in them. Some of the other natural skin care companies only talked about the range of products they sell but Astara Skin Care gave full details about their products. I am always sceptical when companies only tell you what they think you need to know rather than giving you an in depth look at their products so I'll be giving the others a miss but may try Astara Skin Care because their systems impressed me.

Their organic skin care products are specifically designed to offer healthier skin in a completely natural way and thus stave off the aging process as well. The natural ingredients provide nutrition and allow the skin to self heal more effectively than it otherwise would. I would normally be a little suspicious of this because it is such a massive assertion, but the botanical ingredients that are used have been scientifcally proven to offer highly benficial results. The delivery system is also effective so nothing gets lost in transit!

I also liked the inclusion of Totara Tree Essence in the ingredients list. it is expensive but is better than Tea Tree Oil for your skin. It is an antioxidant and reduced bacterial activity on the skin far quicker and more effectively than Tea Tree Oil does.

You should always check out what you are putting on your skin. I am not all for the expensive products in any way but I have to say that I do not like putting synthetic products on my skin. Always look at the company as well as the ingredients label so you can make an informed decision that is best for your skin!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Choosing A Remedy For Toenail Fungus

Apologies for the lack of updates recently but unfortunately life has got a little in the way of blogging recently. I'll be talking a little more about the reasons behind this in a future post but for now I want to talk about something quite disturbing I read today.

I have to say that I always thought that toenail fungus was something that athletes suffered from and those people that wore shoes that were too tight. I had no idea that my new 2009 diet and fitness regime could actually give it to me as well! I was reading a magazine that listed the most common health complaints that were associated with the gym and toenail fungus came in at #3! You can catch it in damp areas such as the shower, swimming pool or even the gym itself because the conditions are perfect for the passing of the flora behind it. Even failing to dry your feet properly can cause it. Now I have yet to experience toe nail fungus and really would not want to but I decided to do a little research anyway to see just how it can be cured if you do get it.

Toenail fungus can be cured via a range of home remedies or products that can be bought from a pharmacy. Taking the latter first, Zetaclear i supposed to be rather good and is readily available at an affordable price. It can be applied directly to the area to clear up the fungus and protect the area infected from irritation and further infection at the same time. There are also natural remedies you can use as well, although these take longer to work. Tea tree oil is a great remedy, applied directly to the area twice a day. A mixture of oregano and olive oil is also said to be good. Although you cannot use either for more than 3 weeks on the area infected, both remedies are antibacterial and so will heal the area and clean up the infection at the same time.

I will be investigating more home remedies in the near future, as well as affordable remedies for ailments and wholesome and healthy meals too. This will be an effort to help people remain healthy in spite of the credit crunch so stay tuned folks!