Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Protect Against Allergies This Spring

As the nights get lighter and everyone's mood seems to do the same, we all know that Spring is well and truly on the way. More sunshine is excellent for the system, giving you vital Vitamin D and helping you to feel much better in yourself but it also brings a few problems along with it. Yes, it is almost allergy season as well! If you suffer from pollen allergies then you will be well aware of just how uncomfortable they can be so it is time to start thinking about how to make yourself that little bit more allergy proof, so to speak, in the coming months.

The first thing you may need to do is look to purify the air in your home so you can at least have a haven of pure air to escape to when the going gets tough outside. There are various air purifiers and residential air cleaners that you can take advantage of. You will need to look at those that are appropriate for the size of room, have an acceptable power level and meet all other wants and needs that you may have. There are plenty of brands and models to choose from so do not settle for the first one you come across.

However, one element of air purifiers and residential air cleaners that you will need to look at carefully this allergy season is the quality of the filter. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are undoubtedly the best around because they will retain pollen particles and ensure that your allergies are eased much better than you may find with regular filters. If you would like to find out more then look for a HEPA info page to tell you exactly what you need to know. There is guaranteed to be one for you though so why suffer when you do not have to?